We make your lifestyle
a little more fun,
just like your playful cat. 

We are working on creating artworks that will make your everyday life a little more enjoyable,
just like your beloved cat does.
We incorporate stories that bring a sense of fun and explore new possibilities.
We hope you can experience the joy of creating something through our works.


A cat-shaped stand was born from the desire to always have a beloved cat by your side.
For the plain version, please feel free to express your own imagination.
You can even draw or paint your own cat!
Designers from ad-lab handcraft each artist stand.

Our Mission

ad-lab SHOP is committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions.
Our smartphone stand uses eco-friendly cardboard as its base material. Not only does it offer strength and ease of processing, but over 90% of the raw materials are sourced from recycled paper, making it a resource with an established recycling system.

Embrace our shared mission to make sustainable choices accessible and enjoyable.
Select our remarkable eco-friendly TOEBEANS STAND and proudly showcase your phone while making a meaningful contribution to a greener world!